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Children's Programs

All of our children's programs follow the goals and objectives of Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Two's and Creative Curriculum for Preschool. Pre-K programs also follow the WV Early Learning Standards Framework of the WV Department of Education.

Older Toddlers
Infant Suite

Jennifer Riffle
Christa Lipscomb
Jessica Mills
Alix Hesson

Emily Neely
Anita Bryant

Briana Blake
Megan Bailey
Corrina Smarr

The Older Toddler program offers a smooth transition as Toddlers continue to grow and develop, begin to share, and gain self-confidence.  We believe that each child’s inner clock determines the beginning of the toilet training process.  Usually, the time arrives during their stay in the Older Toddler room, where teachers work with families to encourage the process.  The Older Toddler program features a modified center-based classroom, introducing preschool concepts that will be further developed as children move into the Preschool group. Typically, a maximum of 14 rapidly growing children enjoy this classroom facilitated by one Lead Teachers and one Assistant Teacher.
The Toddler program is a small group with a maximum of 12 children who are very mobile up to about two years.  Three staff persons direct the developmental activities of this group.  Art, music, gross and fine motor activities, dramatic play, blocks, and books are some of the interest centers that are in evidence around the room.  A flexible learning atmosphere is practiced each day as the children gain security with their room and their routine. 
The two-room Infant Suite welcomes up to 16 children beginning at age 6 weeks.  Our “babies” are in the care of four staff persons who insure that their individualized feeding and developmental care program allows parents to leave them without worry.  We provide infant formula for those under the age of one year. 
WV Pre-K
Private Pre-K

Nancy Casto
Tammie Oldaker
Bobbie Riffle

LaDawn Snyder
Darla Oldaker

Brittany Smith

The Preschool program prepares children for pre-kindergarten by offering many opportunities to gather science, pre-reading and pre-math skills.  Three- to four-year-old children learn independence, confidence, and cooperation in a setting that encourages exploration and learning through play.  Teachers encourage decision-making through the development of centers (such as literature, home living, computer, science, art, and construction) around weekly themes.  Language skills are enhanced by an emphasis on sign language.  This extremely active classroom may have up to 20 children, with one Teacher and one or more Assistant Teachers.
Our WV Pre-K classroom is a collaborative between the Child Development Center and Upshur County Schools.  The Pre-K will utilize the same CDC approach as has been used for years to provide children with a smooth transition into kindergarten.  The curriculum stimulates social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth in areas necessary to successful entry into the public school environment.  Children enjoy a print rich classroom, daily computer opportunities, music, and exposure to a second language.  Class size is 20, with a degree-holding Lead Teacher and one Assistant Teacher. 
We also offer an alternative Private Pre-K program.  Using the same goals and curriculum objectives as the WV Pre-K, this group will feature a smaller group size of only 10-12 children, and a flexible enrollment/attendance schedule.  This group will be led by an experienced Lead Teacher. 
School Age Programs
Summer Programs
Our Before School and After School programs are designed as a service to working parents and their children who need care during discrepant work place and school schedules.  Children from kindergarten through age twelve enjoy opportunities for recreation, homework (with or without assistance), reading, games, etc.  Buses deliver children directly to our door from Union Elementary and Buckhannon Academy Elementary Schools.  After a snack, they settle in until parents arrive.  On Faculty Senate days, snow days, and many other school holidays, the school-age children enjoy an active, yet relaxing day at the Center.
During the summer, we try to offer special programming to stave off the summertime boredom. Most of our programs continue as usual, with a less structured curriculum. Outdoor play is a must, so we are outside every morning and most afternoons, provided that the heat index doesn't surpass 95. Older children go to the pool twice a week and younger children have ample opportunity to enjoy outdoor water play. 

Our weekly book giveaway and weekly art classes taught by a professional artist have been very popular. During the summer of 2017, we gave away more than 700 books to children in our summer programs!